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Cansativa Group schließt Finanzierungsrunde über 13 Millionen Euro ab.

16.2.2022 | Frankfurt / Mörfelden | cansativa
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Frankfurt am Main, Germany, February 16, 2022

The largest medical cannabis distributor in Germany readies for expansion into the recreational market

Cansativa Group announced today it has closed a $15M Series B investment. The funding round was led by Casa Verde with participation by Argonautic Ventures and Munich-based family office Alluti. This represents Casa Verde’s largest investment in Germany and in Europe to date.

As one of Germany’s largest cannabis businesses, Cansativa is building the ‘Amazon’ of cannabis for Europe, offering its customers a B2B platform to manage every stage of the value chain from importing goods to distributing them to thousands of pharmacies across the country.

Given its exclusive relationship with German regulator, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), Cansativa is the only company permitted to distribute domestically-grown medical cannabis.

The company will use the funding to expand its medical cannabis product portfolio and build out its recreational platform ahead of legalization in Germany.

“This investment from Casa Verde, one of the industry’s preeminent cannabis venture firms, is a significant milestone for our company and sends a strong message to the European cannabis market,” says Benedikt Sons, Founder, Managing Director and CEO of Cansativa Group. “It will allow us to realize our ambitious vision to become the operating backbone for cannabis retail in Germany and to play a vital role in enabling simple and safe access to cannabis for everyone.”

“Cansativa is strategically positioned to become one of the leading cannabis platforms in Europe,” says Yoni Meyer. “The company combines crucial industry expertise with an ambitious vision and a rapidly growing success story. We firmly believe this team will play a central role in the expected legalization in Germany and have a decisive impact on the European market, projected to reach $3.6B by 2025."

"Our goal is to simplify cannabis commerce in the rapidly-growing and evolving European environment. By ensuring product availability and offering flexible ancillary solutions, the Cansativa platform will soon be Europe's one-stop-shop for all things cannabis,” says Jakob Sons, Founder and Managing Director of Cansativa Group.

About Cansativa Group

Cansativa Group is Germany’s largest medical cannabis distributor, one of the country’s largest cannabis businesses and a driving force within Germany’s rapidly evolving cannabis industry. The company’s B2B platform manages every stage of the cannabis value chain from import, to distribution and related logistics, serving thousands of pharmacies across the country. Through an exclusive agreement with Germany’s regulatory body, Cansativa is the only company permitted to distribute domestically-grown medical cannabis.

About Casa Verde

Casa Verde is the leading venture capital firm focusing on the cannabis industry. As both the domestic and international cannabis markets continue to evolve and mature, Casa Verde maintains a view that the cannabis industry will be among the most compelling investment themes of our generation.

For further information contact:

US PR for Cansativa

Ellyn Winters-Robinson / Ignition Communications / +1 519 574 2196

German PR

Ioana Freise

Cansativa GmbH, Hessenring 15i, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

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4.9.2023 | Frankfurt am Main

Medizinalcannabis-Plattform Cansativa launcht neuen Onlineshop mit Fachportal

Mit einem neuen Onlineshop erleichtert Cansativa das Bestellen von cannabishaltigen Arzneimitteln und Cannabis-Blüten für Apotheken. Über das Fachportal sind kostenfreie Schulungen zum Thema Medizinalcannabis und Rezepturherstellung abrufbar.
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Cannalivery und Cansativa gehen strategische Partnerschaft ein, um die Versorgung mit Medizinalcannabis in Deutschland auszubauen

Die Cannabis-Onlineapotheke Cannalivery und Cansativa, Marktführer im medizinischen Cannabis-Markt, gehen ab sofort eine strategische Partnerschaft ein.Durch diese Zusammenarbeit wird dasstetig wachsende Partnernetzwerk genutzt, umdie Versorgung von Cannabis-Patient:innen in Deutschland zu verbessern. Eine der zentralen Verbesserungen, die aus der Partnerschaft hervorgehen, ist die schnelle Lieferung von einer noch größeren Produktauswahl von Cannabismedikamenten. Bereits jetzt garantiert Cannalivery eine Lieferzeit von nicht mehr als 48 Stunden. Das Ziel von Cannalivery, bereits 2024 innerhalb von 420 Minuten bundesweit auszuliefern, deckt sich mit dem Anspruch des Cansativa-Partnerprogramms, eine starke regionale Versorgung von Medizinalcannabis in Deutschland zu sichern. Fachkundige Beratung und breites Produktportfolio „Unser Partnerprogramm ist ein Kooperationsmodell, mit dem wir Apotheken bei ihrem Wachstum im Bereich Medizinalcannabis unterstützen.Es freut uns sehr,Cannalivery als weiteren Partnerbegrüßen zu dürfen“ so Leonhard Eßmann, Head of Business Unit Products der Cansativa Group.Das Partner-Apotheken-Programm besteht aus drei Kernelementen: Angebot des umfassenden Cansativa-Produktsortiments, eine starke regionale Versorgung und ausgezeichneter Kundenservice im Bereich Medizinalcannabis.
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Newest partnership to enable export of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic. Cansativa, Tilray and Olikla

Cansativa GmbH („Cansativa Group“), Tilray Medical and Olikla s.r.o (“Olikla”) are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership that will enable the export of Tilray Medical cannabis from Germany to the Czech Republic. This collaboration allows Olikla to provide a selection of Tilray Medical products from Cansativa’s distribution portfolio to their broad network of pharmacies and hospitals. This partnership is expected to generate immediate turnover. "We are very excited to be working with Olikla to bring medical cannabis products to patients in the Czech Republic," said CEO and co-founder Benedikt Sons. "This partnership is a testament to the growing recognition of the medical benefits of cannabis and the importance of providing patients with access to a wide range of EU-GMP certified, high-quality Tilray Medical products." Czech Republic is witnessing a growing market for medical cannabis. The country has been actively working towards the legalization and regulation of medical cannabis, and this partnership will help to ensure that Czech patients have access to high quality medical cannabis products. Olikla CEO Jan Šimon added "We are thrilled to be working with Cansativa and Tilray Medical to bring their product diversity of medical cannabis products to our market. This partnership will be a significant boost to the already growing market of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic, and we look forward to a long and successful collaboration." About Cansativa Group Cansativa Group is the market leader in the medical cannabis market and sees itself as a driving force of the cannabis industry in Germany. Since the award by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) in August 2020, they are the only company commissioned for the distribution of medical cannabis from German cultivation. In the upcoming cannabis legalization, Cansativa Group sees itself as a pioneer in the democratization of the cannabis market. Connect with Cansativa Group: Website | LinkedIn About Olikla Olikla is a family-run distributor that offers comprehensive pharmaceutical services to partners placing their products in the CZ market, distributes generic drugs, medical devices and provides exclusive distribution representations. About Tilray Medical Tilray Medical, a division of Tilray Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq: TLRY; TSX: TLRY), is dedicated to transforming lives and fostering dignity for patients in need through safe and reliable access to a global portfolio of medical cannabis brands, including Tilray, Aphria, Broken Coast, Symbios, and Navcora. Tilray Medical grew from being one of the first companies to become an approved licensed producer of medical cannabis in Canada to building the first GMP-certified cannabis production facilities in Europe, first in Portugal and later in Germany. Today, Tilray Medical is one of the biggest suppliers of medical cannabis brands to patients, physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, researchers, and governments, in over 20 countries and across five continents. For more information on Tilray Medical please visit, and follow @Tilray on all social platforms.